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makostacks Productions Presents:

Broken Glass Kids: Assault

Developed by: makostacks Games

Publisher: makostacks Productions

Adapted and modified from a Unity Micro Game Template

About the game:

The year is 2046, You are a super soldier, made and engineered by Broken Glass Kids' Science Division. You were made to be the perfect soldier to follow orders without question. To kill without remorse. You have the power of 10 men but the brain of a scientist. You are half Human half soldier. You are the perfect person for the Broken Glass Kids Army. You are sent to a Federation Base to take on leftover Federation Bots from the war. Who are defending the base from any enemy that comes near it. For months Broken Glass Kids has been tracking down and finishing Federation Loyalist. You are tasked by the directors of Broken Glass Kids to take a test run in the field of battle. Out of 20,917,723 people they chose you for this mission. Don't let them down.


PC Controls:

Move: WASD / Arrow Keys

Shoot: Left Click

Aim Down Sights: Right Click

Switch Weapons: Numb Keys / Q / E / Mouse Wheel

Jump: Space

Crouch: C

Sprint: Shift

Jetpack: Space (Press + Hold while in air)

Pause: Tab / P


Broken Glass Kids Assault (Windows).zip 36 MB
Broken Glass Kids Assault (MacOS).zip 33 MB
Broken Glass Kids Assault (Linux).zip 37 MB

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